Friendly Fire – 法網狙擊

Will Power - 法外風雲
A House Is Not A Home - 家變

Description: Lawyer KAM JO-JAN (Michael Tse) and Director of Public Prosecutions FONG TIN-LAM (Tavia Yeung) used to be cohabiting lovers, but ended up separating due to a failed marriage proposal. Fate has it when JO-JAN makes a job transition to take a position of Prosecutor, resulting in the two working under the same roof once again. With their distinctly different approaches in handling cases, plus the interference of a new secretary CHUK SHEUNG-YUET (Grace Wong), the already severe crisis in their relationship has been pushed to the edge to an unredeemable state. Though JO-JAN is still perturbed by the refusal of his marriage proposal, TIN-LAM actually has something rarely known to the others.

On the other hand, an orphan KAM PO-TI (Sammy Leung), who was adopted by JO-JAN’s father KAM PO-CHEUNG (Benz Hui), and JO-JAN are as close as biological brothers. As a detective of the Criminal Investigation Department, PO-TI frequently cooperates with JO-JAN. During an operation, he gets to know an undercover detective NGAI MEI-SUN (Sharon Chan). Though the pair are completely incompatible with each other, they do acquire the other’s strengths to offset their own deficiencies. Furthermore, PO-TI initiates to pursue MEI-SUN regardless of his own lot or the fact she has already a fiancé. As each of them is hesitating over their future, a murder case involving a wealthy businesswoman PONG TIT-SUM (Alice Chan) makes them go through an arduous and fierce journey all together.

律師甘祖贊(謝天華)與刑事檢控官況天藍(楊怡)本是同居情侶,但一次求婚不遂令兩人分手收場,不過命運弄人,祖贊剛轉職成為刑事檢控官,再度與天 藍共處,但二人辦案手法截然不同,加上新秘書祝雙悅(王君馨)的介入,令惡劣的關係到了無可挽救的地步,但祖贊為拒婚一事一直耿耿於懷,孰知天藍真的另有 隱情……

另方面,父親甘保祥(許紹雄)收養的孤兒甘波地(森美)與祖贊情同手足,波地身為重案組探員經常與祖贊有合作機會,在一次行動中更認識了臥底探員艾 美辰(陳敏之),兩人水火不融但互補長短,波地決定不理身世向已有未婚夫的美辰展開追求,正當各人為前路躊躇之際,一宗女富商龐鐵心(陳煒)牽涉的謀殺案 讓他們共同經歷了艱鉅和凶險的一役……
Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 26 Episodes
Release Date: 18 December 2012
Cast: Michael Tse, Tavia Yeung, Sammy Leung, Sharon Chan, Louis Yuen, Benz Hui, Alice Chan, Mandy Wong