A House Is Not A Home – 家變

Friendly Fire - 法網狙擊
Master Of Martial Arts - 黃飛鴻系列之鐵膽梁寬

Description: In 1970s Hong Kong, the construction industry was booming, but hidden dangers, due to corruption often jeopardized the public’s safety. Lok Fai (Bak Man-biu) is one of these construction company owners. He has two wives, the first, Yuen Heng Wan (Tang Pik-wan) has 3 children, including a gay son, Lok Wah (Simon Yam). Lok Fai’s second wife Wong Yee Tak (Nam Hung) has two daughters, Lok Lam (Liza Wang) and Lok Man (Tsui Mei-leng).

Between the two families, sandwiches Lok’s friend a banker and his lawyer son who helps to mediate between the two wives but Heng Wan has deep hatred for them. Lok Lam creates a magazine, but the magazine’s publication has Lok Wah’s nude photos! (based on the 1970s standard, it is) This causes a war among the two families, and all hell breaks loose….with the anti-corruption ICAC investigators (played by Chow Yun-fat and Bill Chan respectively) who are hot on Lok Fai’s trail. With his unworthy son-in-law Ma Chun Yau (Ha Yu) taking over the business it is now up to Lok Lam to save the family business.

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 110 Episodes
Release Date: 1977
Cast: Liza Wang, Simon Yam, Tang Pik-wan, Bak Man-biu, Nam Hung, Ha Yu