Mimi (Cantonese) – 美美

Mimi (Cantonese) - 美美 - Episode 01
Ruler: Master of the Mask - 군주 - 가면의주인

Description: Min-woo is a 28-year-old introverted writer of webtoons who has partial memory loss. One day, he finds a memo on his desk calendar, and because of it, writes a new webtoon titled December 8, which becomes an instant hit. But as the webtoon gets even more popular, Min-woo feels pressure from work and begins to suffer from severe headaches. He strives to recover his lost memories from the time he was an 18-year-old high school student, especially those of his first love, Mimi, as he unravels their mysterious fate.


Language: Cantonese
Country: Korea
Director: Song Chang-soo
Cast: Shim Chang-min, Moon Ga-young