Ink at Tai Ping – 太平纹身店

Ink at Tai Ping - 太平纹身店 - Episode 01
Moonlight Resonance - 溏心風暴之家好月圓

Description: Taiping Street, a mysterious area without people, inside has always had its own set of rules to maintain the relationship between power and benefit. It looks peaceful from the outside, but the inside is darkness everywhere.

And everything is started by Na Na, who wants to set up a tattoo shop on this street. Then begins casualties, vendettas, and the heartbeats to speed up, blood begins to bleed, and tears begin to fall.

A.K.A:The Secrets of Tai Ping Street
Release Date:18 January 2021
Production company(s):ViuTV
Cast:Chrissie Chau, Kenny Wong, Alex Lam