Beauty at War – 金枝慾孽貳

Beauty at War - 金枝慾孽貳 - Episode 01
The Greed of Man - 大時代

Description: Love and pain in the forbidden city will be on screen again, Fierce battles between the imperial ladies, “Beauty At War” is even more glamorous and breathtaking.

CONSORT SHUN (Christine Ng) wanted to convey the dissatisfaction she has on her elder sister CONSORT YU (Sheren Tang) by purposely spreading rumors about her around the palace. SHEUNG LING (Ada Choi), the nanny, is a woman full of motives, she borrows the authority to help others investigate the truth, but in reality she’s just trying to scheme for profit and money. She also successfully gained CONSORT YU’s trust and the two became close friends. It wasn’t until KO LAU FEI (Moses Chan), a Kunqu Opera artist and FaDan WAN CHAU YIN (Eddie Kwan) entered the palace for a performance that triggered the affection of the women in the palace. The lonely SHUN didn’t want YU to get in the way of her big plans, so she came up with a foolproof scheme, but unfortunately she could have never thought she, herself, would fall into the trap of a complex relationship with LING and FEI. To show her sister even more colors, SHUN’s last strongest secret weapon was fortune-teller TUNG KAT HOI (Kenny Wong). In the public eye, HOI was crazy, but the insiders knew the actual madness happens within the Forbidden City.
Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 30 Episodes
Release Date: 22 April 2013
Cast: Sheren Tang, Ada Choi, Christine Ng, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong, Eddie Kwan, Raymond Cho, Alice Chan
Genre: Romance