Behind The Scenes (Mandarin) – 幕後之王

Behind The Scenes (Mandarin) - 幕後之王 - Episode 01
The Love Story in Amazing Towns (Cantonese) - 小城大愛

Description: 幕后之王 / Mu Hou Zhi Wang
Media student Bu Xiao Gu has a dream: she is determined to become an outstanding producer. Her idol is Chun Yu Qiao, who is a top-notch producer at Xintian production company, and Xiao Gu manages to enter the company as an intern. But Yu Qiao’s unreasonable personality makes Xiao Gu feel great disappointment. With her hopes shattered, Xiao Gu is asleep at the wheel and not only causes a live broadcast accident which makes her lose her job, but also misses the deadline for her master thesis. However, Yu Qiao takes on the sole responsibility for the accident and thus saves Xiao Gu’s career. Xiao Gu finally recognizes Yu Qiao’s true personality and the two start to work and fight for their dreams together.

《幕後之王》(英文:Behind The Scenes),夢幻星生園影視製作的一部綜藝製作人職場電視劇,該劇講述了頂級製作人淳于喬與心懷夢想的大學生布小谷,一起攜手同行實現夢想,同時也收穫了美好愛情的故事。傳媒學院學生布小谷心懷夢想,立志成為優秀的節目製作人。她的榜樣是頂級製作人淳于喬,供職於星天製作公司,布小谷因此選擇進入該公司實習。淳于喬貌似不近人情的性格令布小谷大失所望 …

38 Episodes
05 January 2019