Moments of Endearment – 外父唔怕做

Survivors Law II - 律政新人王
Ratman to the Rescue - 過街英雄

Description: Chung Ji Wai (Paul Chun) is a widower who is excited that his only child Chung Lok Yee (Miriam Yeung) is finally returning home after studying abroad for so many years. To mark the special occasion he goes to his bank vault to get his prized abalones he has been saving for a celebratory meal. On a bus ride to work that same morning he meets Chan Yau Chung (Nick Cheung), a well mannered young man. Wai sir as he is called by all his co-workers is the most senior sales rep at the insurance company he works for. He also manages the most under performing sales team in the company. His team has not been able to make their sales quota for months and is usually looked down upon by the other sales team. His boss Elaine (Louisa So) decides to add the new person in the company, which happens to be Chung to his sales team. Wai sir is happy with the addition of Chung on his team since Chung is bright and ambitious.

At the airport Wai sir and Chung run into each other. Wai sir is there to pick up his daughter Yee, while Chung is there to pick up his best friend Fai (Michael Tse) whose mannerism are very feminine. Seeing Chung and Fai together, Wai sir immediate misinterpret the two to be in a same sex relationship when in fact Fai has a girlfriend named Virginia that takes him for granted. When Yee arrives Wai sir is extremely happy to see his daughter again but to his disappointment he meets Sue who is the friend Yee had written to him about. Wai sir had originally thought Sue was a girl because of the name but Sue turns out to be a guy, Yee’s boyfriend to be exact. Wai sir immediately dislikes Sue but hides it from his daughter in order to make her happy. Wai sir not trusting Sue, has his nephew Ying Wai follow Sue around, they soon find out that Sue has another girlfriend on the side. He tells his daughter but Yee does not believe him, disappointed in her father she goes to Sue’s house to find someone to console but instead catches him in an intimate situation with his other girlfriend.

Wanting to cheer his daughter up from her heartbreak Wai sir buys two tickets to a dance ball, a few days before the date of the ball he injures his foot. Not wanting the tickets to go to waste he ask Chung who he thinks is gay to take Yee to the ball in his place instead. Chung falls in love with Yee on the night of the ball after spending time chatting together and seeing how pretty she looked that night. When Wai sir’s team finally makes their sales quota he decides to invite his entire team to his home for a BBQ celebration. At the BBQ, Chung and Yee become more close and Yee soon falls for Chung too.

Chung and Yee start dating secretly, but Wai sir finds out about the two. He does not approve of the relationship because he is overly protective of his daughter. Wai sir’s disapproval of Chung going out with Yee causes conflict at their workplace. Not deterred by Wai sir’s thoughts on their relationship Chung and Yee continue dating without Wai sir’s approval. When Wai Sir falls ill Chung helps Yee take care of him, seeing how Chung is a devoted and caring boyfriend Wai sir finally gives his approval to their relationship. But later on Chung and Yee go through a scare of losing each other and decided to get married quickly. With his married daughter moved out of the house, Wai sir felt lonely and dives into his work. Being hard at work he gets close to his boss Elaine, the two soon start dating but her father is even more overly protective than Wai sir. Soon he goes through what Chung went through when he dated Yee.

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 1998
Cast: Miriam Yeung, Nick Cheung, Paul Chun, Louisa So, Michael Tse