Life for Life – 命轉情真

A Smiling Ghost Story - 衝上人間
Unnatural Born Killer - 十三密殺令

Description: `Life For Life` is a light and fresh situational comedy that makes people think. The story is touching and passionate. It tells about a life and death judge trainee, WAH, (TSE TIN WAH, MICHAEL) who is responsible for human’s life and death. However, WAH is too serious and is very stubborn. He strongly believes in retribution. WAH even acts on his own will and exchanges the time of death between two girls, one is a mean business-woman, SUET (CHAN MIU YING, MARIANE) and another girl is a kind young girl with a incurable disease, HEI (MUI SIU WAI). WAH has offended the law of heaven and is thus being punished. He is degraded to the world. Unfortunately, he transmigrates his soul to a body originally belonged to a bad guy, TUNG (CHEUNG TAT MING). TUNG is a very disgusting person. WAH thinks that he could start a new life in the world naively. Soon he discovers that the world is a place full of troubles. WAH has to face all seeds of misfortune and troubles left by TUNG. There are debtors bothering around and there is a girlfriend urging him for marriage. On one hand, WAH has to solve all this problems. All are shocked to see TUNG’s change. On the other hand, WAH sees that SUET and HEI are also changing due to the exchange of their fates. WAH doubts whether he has had made the right decision …

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 1999
Cast: Cheung Tat Ming, Mariane Chan, Cutie Mui, Michael Tse, Louisa So