Monstar (Cantonese) – 몬스타

Monstar (Cantonese) - 몬스타 - Episode 01
Vampire Detective - 뱀파이어 탐정

Monstar-p2Description:  Seol-chan, a member of Korea’s most popular K-pop boy band Men in Black, is provoked into pushing one of his crazy fans, and when that goes viral, his reputation plummets. As damage control, his agency tells him to quietly attend school for a while. Meanwhile, Se-yi, a new transfer student from New Zealand, draws attention in the school for both her talent and oddness. Misunderstandings occur between Seol-chan, Se-yi, and their other classmates. But in the midst of all the chaos, these students find a common interest which connects them to each other: music. Every character has his or her own untold stories, which have had significant impact in their lives. But as they gather together to sing and play the music they love, they learn to soothe the pain inside them, and to open each of their souls.

Language: Cantonese
Country: Korea
Director: Kim Won-seok
Cast: Yong Jun-hyung, Ha Yeon-soo, Kang Ha-neul