Love in Sadness (English subtitles) – 슬플 때 사랑한다

Girls’ Generation 1979 (Cantonese) - 少女時代1979
The Fiery Priest (English subtitles) - 열혈사제

Description: The essence of love is fading and is evermore harder to do. In this day and age, will there be love that is woeful and forlorn just for the sake of love itself? Love in Sadness is a love story that encapsulates the mythical-like fate of love that is so coveted that it ignores all bounds. In it, love outweighs what the world thinks, ignores the pain and anguish with it, and pursues its destiny. In the drama, Ma Ri is a beautiful girl, married into wealth with a seemingly perfect life. Ironically, her husband, In Wook, who looks like a more than ideal husband, is an obsessive lunatic who is also violently abusive. When he pushes her too far, she reaches out for help from Jung Won, an honest, smart, handsome plastic surgeon. And when he agrees to help her escape from her husband’s hands, they fall in love. But In Wook, who is consumed by his obsession for her, isn’t going to let her get away from his grasp. Watch as these two characters struggle to stay on their arduous road to love.

Genre: Comedy
Stars: Ryu Soo Young, Park Han Byul, Ji Hyun Woo
Choi Yi Sub, Yoo Beom Sang
23 February 2019