Possessed (English subtitles) – 빙의

Mistress (Cantonese) - 猎艳情人
Hate To Love You (Cantonese) - 討厭也愛你

Description: Hong Seo Jung (Go Joon Hee)lives a lonely life, sheltered and away from others because she is a psychic medium. But her quiet life comes to an end when Kang Pil Sun (Song Sae Byuk),a police detective in the middle of a case, discovers her hidden ability. They decide to join forces to solve all kind of cases, using his investigation skills and her special abilities.

Genre: Comedy, Horror
Stars: Song Sae Byuk, Go Joon Hee, Yun Jung Hoon, Jo Han Sun, Jang Hyuk Jin, Jung Ji Hoon
Director: Choi Do Hoon
Times: 16 Episodes
Release: 06 March 2019
Production company(s): OCN