Journey To The West – 西遊記 (1996)

Hidden Faces – 三面形醫

200px-Journey_to_the_West_(1996_TV_series)Description: This series, based on the classic novel of the same title, stars Dicky Cheung as the well-loved Monkey King Sun Wu Kong. Wu Kong is a playful and proud warrior with a tendency to create chaos everywhere he goes. Deep inside, he has a good heart and Buddha recognizes it. In order to tame Wu Kong, Buddha imprisons him under the Five-Finger Mountain (五指山) for five hundred years before assigning him the task of accompanying a monk Tang San Zang on his sacred journey to the West.

Along the way, they meet the lazy Pig (Wayne Lai), who was actually aSky Commander in his past life but sent to Earth as a punishment due tohis lust, and the misguided Sha Wu Jing (Evergreen Mak). After losing to a battle with Wu Kong, both Pig and Wu Jing are accepted as disciplesby Tang San Zang.

The three loyal disciples and Tang San Zang encounter numerous tests before finally succeeding in their journey.

花果山上有一仙石,一天突然轟然迸裂,爆出靈猴孫悟空(張衛健)。悟空身手敏捷,一身神異本領,卻因醉酒而闖下大禍,被壓於五指山下。 五百年後,悟空奉觀音(龔慈恩)之命,隨唐三藏(江華)到西方取經,作其徒弟,修成正果,才得以贖罪。悟空遂隨唐三藏上路,沿途困難重重,他與豬八戒(黎耀祥)及沙僧(麥長青)合力降魔伏妖,展開一段艱辛的取經旅程……
Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 30 Episodes
Release Date: 1996
Cast: Dicky Cheung, Kwong Wa, Evergreen Mak, Wayne Lai, Chin Ka Lok, Mariane Chan, Rain Lau, Joe Ma, Derek Kwok, Gordon Liu, Angie Cheung
Genre: Adventure, Comedy