Legal Entanglement – 法網伊人

Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain - 雪山飛狐
The Hitman Chronicles - 大刺客


Description:  Sammi Shum (Kenix Kwok) quits her studies and marries a tycoon’s son, Raymond Lam (Lee Wai-kei), despite her father’s (Chor Yuen) objection. At first, she feels like a princess living in a fairy tale, until she discovers her husband is having an affair. She wakes up from her dream and finds that the reality is that she is suffering from post-natal depression She loses the custody of her son, QQ, after divorcing her husband. Luckily, her friend Yip Heung-fai (Stephen Au) finds her an assistant job in a law firm. She works hard and resumes her unfinished law degree hoping that she will get her son back.

When everything settles down, she meets Mark Ko (Hacken Lee) who represented her husband for her son’s case and is now her boss. He does not remember her. She is aggressive towards him and that confuses him. Eventually, they understand each other more and love sparks between them. Meanwhile, her son reappears.

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 22 Episodes
Release Date: 2002
Cast: Hacken Lee, Kenix Kwok, Michael Tse, Elaine Ng