Bar Bender – 潮爆大狀

Greed Mask - 謎情家族
Dark Secret - 暗算天機

Description: The series revolves around a fictional Hong Kong senior counsel named Tony Tseung (Adam Cheng). Senior Counsel Tseung is well known for winning 31 legal cases in a row, but is also notorious in legal circles for his unsavory (but ethical) tactics. He is also notorious for being retained as counsel by unscrupulous businessman Richard Ngai (Bill Chan). His focus on his legal career has also alienated family member and anyone romantically involved. His daughter, Stephanie Tseung (Leila Tong), particularly hates him for not only his modus operandi in legal battles (strike a victory on procedural errors, and not on evidence), but also on his neglect of family life.

All this changed when Tony was dealt a career blow by Richard. In an assault case involving Richard, Richard asked Tony’s apprentice, Darren Li (Power Chan), to conspire in a conspiracy to bribe a witness and have him lie in court by professing amnesia. When Tony protested, Richard fired Tony, and cut off much of the businesses that came to his law firm. In the process, Tony lost his girlfriend, Sophie So (Anne Heung), to Richard. Tony drowned his sorrows in alcohol, and assaulted a foreigner at a bar. Tseung pleaded guilty to assault, and was sentenced to community service. That was where he began to rediscover the lost idealism and righteousness of his youth and met Chong Hiu-wai (Louisa So) who showed him there is more to life…

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 2006
Cast: Adam Cheng, Louisa So, Leila Tong, Sammul Chan, Anne Heung