A Tough Side of a Lady – 花木蘭

Birth Of A Hero - 翻生武林
Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre - 倚天屠龍記

Description: Withher father (Law Kar-ying) in the army, filial oldest daughter of the Fafamily Muk Lan (Mariane Chan), has the burden of taking care of and providing for her family because her mother is dependent on others, her younger sister is immature and her younger brother is a weakling. By dayshe works hard selling fabric at the street market and endures through the nights to weave fabric to sell the next day.

Whenthey receive news that their father is finally returning home the Fa family is overjoyed. Muk Lan’s father tells her that while he was in thearmy he had made a marriage arrangement for her to marry a man named Tsui Sam Gong (Lau Wing-Kin), Muk Lan did not mind the arranged marriagesince she has secretly admired Sam Gong for a long time. However Sam Gong rejected on the idea of the arranged marriage because he was already in love with Long Siu Siu (Gigi Fu), the daughter of the local government official. To avoid marry Muk Lan, Sam Gong decides to join the army.

Duringthis time the Fa family meets Ho Go Sing (Wong Hei), who rents half of the Fa family house with his forgetful mother (Mimi Chu). Muk Lan and GoSing starts off on bad terms as she sees him as a stingy conman and tries to evict him and his mother, but the Fa family takes pity on Go Sing’s mother and decides to let them stay.

Afterreturning from the army Muk Lan’s father was to be compensated by the government for his services, but he did not receive his compensation as the local government official together with his son decided to keep the money for themselves. One night while the government official and his son was transporting the stolen money they noticed Muk Lan’s father and thought he had witnessed what they were doing. Thinking Muk Lan’s fatherhad seen all their illegal activities the government official decided to draft Muk Lan’s father to go to war. Muk Lan’s younger brother was toenlist in the army in their father’s place since their father was ailing and could no longer serve another army term, but Muk Lan’s goes in his place disguised as a male because her brother is a weakling and could not take the hardship of army life. Go Sing also happens to be drafted into the army the same time as Muk Lan. He, Muk Lan and Sam Gongall end up serving in the same unit in the army.

Whiledressed as a male in the army Muk Lan meets Siu Siu and saves her life.For Muk Lan’s heroism Siu Siu ends up falling in love with her. Sam Gong finds out that Muk Lan is the one Siu Siu loves and becomes Muk Lan’s sworn enemy. He tries to sabotage Muk Lan while both are serving in the army

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 1998
Cast: Mariane Chan, Wong Hei, Law Kar-ying, Mimi Chu, Gigi Fu, Shirley Cheung
Genre: Comedy, TV Series