Lady Girls (Cantonese) – 大人女子

Lady Girls (Cantonese) - 大人女子 - Episode 01
Nobunaga Concerto (Cantonese) - 信長協奏曲


Description: A still-single 40-year-old Nakahara Aki has a successful career but struggles when it comes to love. She appears to be an attractive, independent and capable woman, but whenever she starts going out with a guy, she tries too hard and often ends up miserable. After experiencing a series of disastrous relationships, Aki is now fearful of falling in love.

Aki has two best friends she often gets together for a girl talk: Osaki Moeko an owner of a flower shop, and Sakata Midori, a divorced working mother raising three boys on her own.

At work, Aki has been put in charge of developing a role-playing romance game app with a group of team members who are all younger than Aki. One day, Aki approaches a scriptwriter famous for romantic dramas, Takayama Fumio, and asks him to be the supervisor/advisor for the game app development project. At their first meeting, the two get into an argument when Fumio makes a comment about being 40 and still being infatuated with crush-like romance…

《大人女子》是三位Around 40的熟女互相支持,努力追求幸福的戀愛故事。篠原涼子飾演的中原亞紀一直在喜歡的男人面前隱藏自己的真實性格,吉瀨美智子飾演的大崎萠子則輕易陷入愛情,而鈴木砂羽則飾演愛上兒子班主任的單親媽媽坂田綠…到底她們能否成功找到屬於自己的愛情呢?

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): ViuTV
Country: Japan