Cupid of Chou Dynasty (Mandarin) – 大周小冰人

Cupid of Chou Dynasty (Mandarin) - 大周小冰人 - Episode 01
Destiny's Love (Mandarin) - 愛上北斗星男友

Description: 大周小冰人 第一季 / 大周小冰人 第二季 / Da Zhou Xiao Bing Ren / Little Matchmaker in Great Zhou
Through a strange combination of circumstances, a bony beauty inherits her father’s work in matchmaking and finds love.

Yan Ruyu has always been different from the women of her time. She firmly believes that mutual attraction should be the cardinal rule of marriage. Due to her father leaving and in order to avoid Marquis Li Xiu’s pursuits, Yan Ruyu takes over her father’s work arranging marriages for other people.

She aims to fulfill her father’s wishes to win the title of Golden Phoenix, the highest honor in the matchmaking world. Through the competition, Ruyu works hard and successfully brings together many beautiful and loving unions. However, Yan Ruyu meets her match in Shen Shu, a mouthy matchmaker who is overly proud yet kind underneath. They join hands in playing cupid, bringing down a conspiracy and overthrowing an archaic mentality.

大週小冰人是由孫雯姬擔任製片人,李悶擔任編劇24集古裝青春輕喜劇。該劇主要講述了骨感“小辣椒”顏如玉從小和其他女子與眾不同,她堅信兩情相悅才是婚配的根本原則。因為父親的出走和躲避平樂侯李修的追求,顏如玉承襲了父親的官位,成為一名官媒。為了完成父親的囑託與拿到冰人界的最高榮譽 – 金鳳凰,顏如玉參加冰人大會並努力做媒,成就了不少花好月圓的美滿姻緣。在保媒期間,顏如玉結識了嘴賤,傲嬌,但內心正直善良的私媒沉恕,二人從一對歡喜冤家,逐步發展成為一對共同努力成全天下有情人的得力搭檔,並在為別人保媒的過程中,彼此互生愛意。之後在顏如玉與沉恕的高超配合下,一場巨大的政治陰謀得以化解,最終,二人打破了“官民不婚”的制度,終成眷屬。

24 Episodes
15 March 2019