Angry Mom – 앵그리맘

Super Daddy Yeol - 슈퍼대디 열
Bluebird's House - 파랑새의 집

Angry-Mom-05Description: A drama about a mother who goes to school for her children who suffer from school violence.

Oh Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung) is a high-schooler who sticks up for her bullied friend and becomes the victim of bullying in turn. Jo Kang Ja (Kim Hee Sun) is her mom, a former Busan badass who got pregnant in her teens and raised her daughter as a single mom. When Mom hears about the bullying that’s going on in her daughter’s school, she takes matters into her own hands and goes undercover as a high school student to fix the problem.
Language: Korean
Country: Korea
Times: 16 Episodes
Release Date: 18 March 2015
Director: Choi Byung Gil
Cast: Kim Hee Sun, Ji Hyun Woo, Kim Yoo Jung