No Secrets (Mandarin) – 没有秘密的你

No Secrets (Mandarin) - 没有秘密的你 - Episode 01
Unknown Number (Mandarin) - 时空来电

Description: A story about a young man who can read people’s minds and a worthless lawyer who come to protect each other.

A tragic case from the past revolving around a car accident connects the lives of Lin Xing Ran and Jiang Xia.After 10 years, the young man who can read minds and the impulsive public defender meet again. Meanwhile, Zhang Xiao Quan is Lin Xing Ran’s boss who has a reputation for never having lost a single case while Gu Si Yu is a colleague who becomes a bitter rival.


A.K.A:Mei You Mi Mi De Ni
Times:45 Episodes
Release Date:17 October 2019