Ex – 前度

Motorway - 車手
Don't Go Breaking My Heart - 單身男女

Description:The film revolves around Chau Di and her beautiful relationships. Chau Di and Gia Binh have a deep love story for 4 years, but then for many reasons of young people, they have to break up. But the fate of arranging for them to meet again at Hong Kong airport, when Gia Binh had a new lover Cee, and Chau Di broke up with his boyfriend and lost all his pages.Because old love means old, Gia Binh and Cee let Chau Di stay for a few days. And in a few days, the 3 Chau Di-Gia Binh-Cee set must face each other, facing the emotional relationship between 3 people, what is true love, what instinct and compromise to fill loneliness.As a love story, the film does not lack hot love scenes. Again is the modern love story of young people, so kisses and gestures of publicity are not missing because it is normal in today’s society.But it must be noted that this film is not for audiences under the age of 16 because the scenes in the film are quite intense that the screen can ignite due to overheating. But if you feel it from the perspective of true love, the scenes of love in the film are beautiful, the sublimation of a passionate love.


Gillian Chung, William Chan Wai-Ting, Michelle Wai, Lawrence Chou, Jacky Heung, Eman Lam, Deep Ng, Niu Tien, Chapman To, Kwok Cheung Tsang
Heiward Mak
96 minutes