OB·Gyns – 愛的婦產科

OB·Gyns - 愛的婦產科 - Episode 01
Great Doctor - 信義 (Cantonese)


Description: Gynecologist because her husband Tao Ye Zi Teng medical kickbacks case transferred Ren Ya Hospital forced to go to work , Tao Teng jail. There are all sorts of criticism this hospital colleagues , deputy director of the hospital maternity杨俊波therefore downgrade it to her disposition . Her husband’s sex scandal lover named Lin Fei Ye Zi inquiry to find , lost and imprisoned Tao Ye Zi Teng divorce , but found she was pregnant.

In the case of obstetrics and gynecology clinic one process , leaves purple and Yang Junbo constant friction , resulting in a spark of love . Although there are many upset condition occurs, the leaf purple finally accepted Yang Junbo love. Unexpectedly, this time , Tao Teng any redress , was acquitted , purple leaf between two men confused . Face emotional choice, she chose to go alone to the U.S. studies.
Language: Cantonese
Country: China
Times: xx Episodes
Release Date: 02 February 2014