Life Made Simple – 阿旺新傳

Speed Of Life - 鐵馬戰車
House Of Spirits - 一屋老友記

Description: Ah Wong (Roger Kwok) is mentally disabled. When Ah Wong is three, his mother (Lo Yuen Yan) leaves Ah Wong’s father (Paul Chun) with Ah Wong after an incident. She’s mad because she thinks her husband doesn’t take good care of Ah Wong.

Although Ah Wong is mentally disabled, he’s doing ok in society, although he doesn’t understand some things at all. He calls a girl he knows “Lo Por Jai” (Jessica Hsuan), although Lo Por Jai’s parents really dislike this, she’s ok with it. Ah Wong met Lo Por Jai when he was Grade.1. Tong Fui Shui (Benz Hui) has taken care of Ah Wong too for all those years Ah Wong’s father has been absent. He lives close to Ah Wong and his mother and he has a soup store. He really likes Ah Wong’s mother, but she has no interest in marriage at all.

Ah Wong is not the only one who doesn’t have an easy life, while he helps Tong Fui Shui with one of his deliveries, he meets Ho (Angela Tong). Ho is an ugly girl who doesn’t have friends at all, Ho and Ah Wong become friends.

Ah Wong meets Chung Kam Wing, in the beginning they don’t know they are actually father and son, later Kam Wing finds out that Ah Wong is actually his son. He tries to get close to Ah Wong, using all kinds of methods. Kam Wing is already remarried to someone else, trying to get close to Ah Wong makes his current wife mad.

Catherine is working for Michael (Bosco Wong), Kam Wing’s son, Angel (Leila Tong) is working at the same place too. There are conflicts caused by Angel at work, because she likes Michael and she just can’t stand it that Michael and Catherine like each other. The relation between Michael and Catherine is confusing Ah Wong, he thinks Catherine is really his wife.

Ah Wong tries to work hard in order to marry Catherine / Lo Por Jai for real.
Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 32 Episodes
Release Date: 24 October 2005
Cast: Roger Kwok, Jessica Hsuan, Bosco Wong, Leila Tong, Raymond Cho, Angela Tong
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Family