My Neighbour Can’t Sleep (Mandarin) – 我的鄰居睡不著

My Neighbour Can't Sleep (Mandarin) - 我的鄰居睡不著 - Episode 01
My Girlfriend Is An Alien (Mandarin) - 外星女生柴小七

Description: Swearing to be the queen of romance novels, the single Song Mi Do encounter a young famous pianist, Xi Song during her summer vacation after graduating from high school. Xi Song has insomnia but accidentally discovers that he can easily fall asleep with Song Mi Do by his side.

Song Mi Do decides to use Xi Song as a model to create the sweetest romance novel to get into the Chinese department. Xi Song and Song Mi Do make a deal with each other and start sleeping together. Their dreams and romance blossom as they move forward together.

誓要成为言情天后的母胎单身女孩宋米哆,在高中毕业的暑假遇到了少年成名的钢琴家席颂。席颂因压力过大饱受失眠痛苦,却在宋米哆身边能安然入睡。   而宋米哆决心以席颂为原型,创作出苏爆全宇宙的言情小说,来获取读中文系的机会。两人达成友好互惠条件,开启了同床共枕的“抱枕计划”。当元气软萌逐梦少女遇上禁欲系暖丧老干部,互相按下爱的开关,两人并肩前行,收获的不仅是爱情,还有梦想的结晶。

Romance, Comedy
24 Episodes
13 August 2019