Just Between Lovers (English subtitles) – 그냥 사랑하는 사이

Just Between Lovers (English subtitles) - 그냥 사랑하는 사이 - Episode 01
Black Knight (English subtitles) - 흑기사

Description: The story of two individuals who lost their loved ones in an accidentand try to carry on with their lives as if they are not in pain.

Lee Kang Doo (Lee Joon Ho)grows up in a rich family and dreams of becoming a professional soccer player some day. But his life trajectory changes when a bad car accidentkills his father and breaks his leg, ending his hopes of an athletic career. Kang Doo also loses his mother to cancer, saddling him with all of her debt. Kang Doo now lives out of cheap motels and tries to make money to pay back the debt. The winds of misfortune seem to shift when Ha Moon Soo (Won Jin Ah)finds him in an alley at the lowest point in his life. Moon Soo also harbors a lot of heartache and guilt over surviving a car accident that claimed the life of her younger sibling. After coming into each other’s lives, can Kang Doo and Moon Soo help each other overcome their respective hardships and find something to live for?

Language: Korea
Country: Korea
Times: 16 Episodes
Release: 11 December 2017
Director: Kim Jin Won
Cast:  Lee Joon Ho, Won Jin Ah, Lee Ki Woo, Kang Han Na, Kim Hye Joon
Genre:  Romance