Birth Of A Hero – 翻生武林

Apple-colada - 果欄中的江湖大嫂
A Tough Side of a Lady - 花木蘭

Description: 朝廷打壓武林,五大派被收編《英雄名冊》,交由東廠提督仇不群管治,江湖名存實亡,英雄不再!玉雲龍跟姐姐嬌鳳經營平安客棧,一直遠離武林中事。但雲龍為奪舊愛艾冰冰芳心,決意逐鹿新晉英雄大賽,卻因揭發東廠黑幕被押入大牢。嬌鳳為救雲龍,訛稱平安客棧暗藏異寶,招致各路隱世英雄齊集。仇在心奉義父不群之命親近雲龍探查寶物,與雲龍漸生情愫,二人更無意中救出被困多年的武林盟主任我飛!沉睡多時的武林,可會因此「翻生」?
To avoid all the strife caused by the gangland power struggles, YUK WAN-LUNG (Edwin Siu) and his elder sister YUK KIU-FUNG (Rachel Kan) lead a quiet life, running an inn. Unexpectedly, WAN-LUNG is determined to take part in the New Hero Contest, seeking to win his ex, NGAI BING-BING (Roxanne Tong), back. After WAN-LUNG exposes a scandal involving the East Wing imperial guards, he is incarcerated by SAU PAK-KWAN (Ben Wong), a commander of the East Wing. KIU-FUNG is so eager to save her younger brother that she initiates a rumor that there is treasure hidden in their inn. Right away, PAK-KWAN releases WAN-LUNG and even sends his right-hand agent SAU TSOI-SUM (Grace Chan) to follow him to the inn to collect intelligence information. Suddenly, those who lurk in the shadows flock to the inn, with each coming up with cunning maneuvers. In the process, TSOI-SUM, who has been looking for her parents’ killer, uncovers the truth, so she revolts against PAK-KWAN. Apart from that, she and WAN-LUNG start having feelings for each other, and they decide to bring some changes to the gangland. Though they gradually breathe new life into the dying gangland, they instead fall into the trap set by the revenge-seeking elder named YAM NGO-FEI (David Chiang), who has been plotting this for so long……

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 05 March 2018
Cast: Edwin Siu, Ben Wong, Grace Chan, Rachel Kan, David Chiang, Harriet Yeung, Tyson Chak, Roxanne Tong, Timothy Cheng, Bob Cheung, Otto Chan, Ricky Wong

List Episodes: Birth Of A Hero - 翻生武林 (English subtitles) (English subtitles)