Missing Nine – 미씽나인

Missing Nine - 미씽나인 - Episode 01 (English subtitles)
Cinderella and Four Knights (Cantonese) -灰姑娘與四騎士


Description: What would 9 survivors of an unexpected plane crash endure to remain alive till the end?

This drama takes place in a deserted island and cover all the things that happen when a plane crash lands there, inside carrying a fallen boy band member dealing with a plagiarism scandal, a girl group, an actor, a bodyguard, an entertainment reporter, and a flight attendant. (1eader, pre2ident, mana3er, supersta4, trou5lemaker, prin6ess, secre7ary, 8utsider, e9ewitness)

The story will deal with how they survive in the wild, and through the adventure and adversity learn the meaning of love.

Seo Joon Ho (Jung Kyung Ho) is an unsuccessful top star who went through hard times. He was once a leader of a popular idol band, but his public image was ruined, and he is now reduced to being a D-list fringe celebrity. Meanwhile, Ra Bong Hee (Baek Jin Hee) is Joon Ho’s new stylist. She left her home to pursue her dreams in Seoul. Her first day working ends up with a plane crash and landing on a uninhabited island

Other name: Gaia (가이아), Picnic (피크닉), Missing 9 (미씽9)
Dramas 2017 Genre(s): Romance, Comedy
Release: Jan 12 – March 23, 2017 Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
Episode(s): 20 Status: Ep01 Country: Korea
Broadcast: MBC Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Director(s): Choi Byung Gil Writer(s): Han Jung Hoon
Actor(s): Jung Kyung Ho, Baek Jin Hee