Game Of Deceit – 騙中傳奇

Game Of Deceit - 騙中傳奇 - Episode 01
Wu Xin The Monster Killer 3 (Cantonese) - 無心法師III

Description: The Twin Swindlers bring you to tour the `Deceit World` !
The tricky CHING (CHEUNG KA FAI) and the loafer, JIAN, (CHIN KA LOK) always cheat to earn a living. Unexpectedly, they incur, JIAN`s teacher, SUN (LIU KAI CHI) to death. They even make the banker, HUNG (LAW LOK LAU)`s business bankrupted and HUNG`s daughter, PO, (CHEUNG YUK SHAN) has become a courtesan. CHING has disclosed LUN (HSUAN JESSICA HESTER)`s female identity who is the owner of a famous adjusting agent `The First Tooth`. LUN forces CHING to marry her so as to protect her adjusting agent`s reputation. To CHING it is a great torture as he has to change from a tricky swindler to an impartial adjuster.
CHING has then become the person in-charge of the adjusting agent. With CHING`s talent together with JIAN and LUN`s assistance, they manage to clear up many swindling cases such as `The Virgin Courtesan`, `The Twins` and `The Nice Weather` etc. Though CHING and LUN, JIAN and PO are enemies at the beginning, they gradually become lovers.


Genre:TV Series
Times:20 Episodes
Release Date:1999