Original SIN (Mandarin) – 原生之罪

Chong Ming Wei (Mandarin) - 重明卫:大明机密
The King of Blaze 2 (Mandarin) - 火王之千里同風

Description: Yuan Sheng Zhi Zui
A lawyer who has been sentenced to jail becomes successful in business after serving time. A cop with a flourishing career solves case after case. The two people who are on opposite sides of the law are forced to join hands.

Chi Zhen (Zhai Tianlin) uses his wits and courage to outsmart the rich and power, making him a thorn in the side of the police force and earning him notoriety in other circles. Meanwhile, model student Lu Li (Yin Zheng) graduates from police academy at the top of his class and commences his dream career in the police force. After cracking a series of tough cases, he is promoted to chief of police within just a few years. Four years on, Chi Zhen and Lu Li’s paths fatefully cross. Though polar opposites to begin with, the ex-convict and chief of police put their differences behind them and come to trust and rely on each other.

《原生之罪》講述了被吊銷執照的律師池震與刑偵隊長陸離,從彼此對立,到冰釋前嫌,而後互為手足,攜手探案,最終生死同往的故事 。
Genre: Crime
Release:20 December 2018