Go Back Couple (English subtitles) – 고백부부

Go Back Couple (English subtitles) - 고백부부 - Episode 01
Mad Dog (English subtitles) - 매드독

Description: This drama is about a married couple who constantly fights. They regret getting married young without consideration. One day, they travelback to their twenty-year-old selves.

Choi Ban Do (Son Ho Joon) and Ma Jin Joo (Jang Na Ra)are both 38-years-old and a married couple. Choi Ban Do has been burdened with being the breadwinner and Ma Jin Joo is a housewife with low self-esteem. Even though they loved each other when they married, they now hate each other. They both regret marrying at such a young age.The couple travel through time and find themselves as 20-year-old university students, when they met for the first time.

Language: Korea
Country: Korea
Times: 16 Episodes
Release: 13 October 2017
Director: Ha Byung Hoon
Cast:  Son Ho Joon, Jang Na Ra, Huh Jung Min, Lee Yi Kyung, Go Bo Kyul
Genre:  Family, Fantasy