Gilded Chopsticks – 食為奴

Gods of Honour - 封神榜
Ghetto Justice - 怒火街頭

Description: Ever since his childhood, KO TIN-PO (Wong Cho Lam) has tasted a variety of great delicacies, and he is capable of analyzing the food quality and authenticity once he tastes it.

But, owing to the decline of his family, he ends up wandering on the street with his servant LEE WAI (Jack Wu), making a living from selling buns.  Also due to his gourmet background, he gets to know a street performer KEI MO-SUET (Joey Meng), the most beautiful girl in Peking NIAN RUOBI (Nancy Wu) and teen celebrity chef MAI SIU-YU (Stephanie Ho), etc.  As fate would have it, he comes across Prince YINZHEN (Ben Wong), who is making a tour in disguise, and the two share similar interests.  Later on, he is recommended for an imperial chef in the palace, where he runs into his archrival CHOI HOK-TING (Bob Lam), resulting in consecutive fierce battles between them.   Meanwhile, TIN-PO has no idea he has been caught in the plot that Prince YINSI (Louis Cheung) hatches to become the rightful heir to the throne.  Under such disadvantage, TIN-PO becomes the man who brings luck to Prince YINZHEN, continuously turning the tide for him before his defeat.  However, an unexpected betrothal brings him down from the lofty position to the most inferior one of a stray dog……
Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 25 Episodes
Release Date: 10 February 2014
Cast: Wong Cho Lam, Joey Meng, Ben Wong, Nancy Wu, Louis Cheung, Stephanie Ho, Ram Chiang, Bob Lam
Genre: Historical