Eternal Happiness – 再生緣

Love Bond - 心花放
Come With Me - 性在有情


Description:  Mang Lai-kwan’s (Michelle Ye) father Mang Si-yuen (Lo Hoi Pang) was a royal doctor for the previous dynasty and a learned man, but he is set in his ways and believes that women should not be educated.

Lai-kwan wants to seek knowledge and often dresses as a man to go to school. On her ventures, she meets the royal grandson Temür (Joe Ma Tak-Chung) who is traveling in disguise and also a straight-up young hero Wongpo Siu-wah (Raymond Lam) and the three become adopted brothers.

Temür sees through Lai-kwan’s disguise and knows she is a girl, but he does not reveal this; Lai-kwan also has feelings for Temür. Si-yuen decides to marry Lai-kwan to Wongpo Siu-wah, but at the same time, rich bully Lau Fui-bik (Deno Cheung) asks for Lai-kwan’s hand in marriage. As the day of the marriage draws near, Lai-kwan decides to tell Temür about her feelings towards him, but Temür is summoned back to the courts and asks Siu-wah to take his place to meet her.

When Lai-kwan sees Siu-wah instead of Temür, she is very disappointed and pushes Siu-wah away. Lai-kwan runs away and on her travels, dressed as a man, causes many laughs and much trouble, getting involved in many different situations. Lai-kwan’s feelings develop for both Temür and Siu-wah and are forever changing between the two, especially when she finds out that Siu-wah is actually her fiance and Temür has become the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty.

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 32 Episodes
Release Date: 2002
Cast: Michelle Ye, Raymond Lam, Joe Ma, Tavia Yeung