Anti-Crime Squad – 反黑先鋒

The Intangible Truth - 生死訟

Description: HEY (Ng Ngai Cheung) is a member of the Anti-crime Squad. Being a stubborn man with determination to fight crime, he never gives way to criminals. He is so competent that he has solved many difficult cases. However he is not good at working with others and his strong character has laid an iron curtain between he and his colleagues. He is not accepted by his Supervisor FAN (Lai Yiu Cheung) and new partner HONG (Chan Ho Man, Benny). Being unable to hind support, HEY wants to quit his job. Later having worked for a longer period of time, HEY and HONG have acquired better mutual understanding and friendship germinates in their hearts. They become good friends. HONG gives HEY courage to rebuild his self-confidence and determination and they work in collaboration with other team members including TI (Shiu Mei Ki, Maggie), CHO MAN CHAI (Hung Tin Ming, Timmy) and FAT YEH (Kwan Ching). They solve many serious cases like “ Master of Tsz Wan Shan”, “Troubled Water in the School”, “Storm of the Fish Market” and “True Hero”. At the same time, members of the squad have different experiences. HONG and FAN come across SUM (Ho Wan See), a teacher and KIU (So Yuk Wah, Louisa), a fish hawker. Love affairs make them confused and frustrated. Meanwhile, HEY’s wife CHI (Young Yuen Yee, Winnie) is killed is an accident, HEY is in deep grief. Ti looks after him as she has been admiring him for a long time. What will happen to them? Will love at last draw HEY and TO together?

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 22 Episodes
Release Date: 1999
Cast: Benny Chan, Ben Ng, Maggie Siu