Kkondae Intern – 꼰대인턴 (English subtitles)

Mystic Pop-up Bar - 쌍갑포차 (English subtitles)
Wind, Cloud and Rain - 바람과 구름과 비 (English subtitles)

Description: Fresh out of school, Ka Yul Chan (Park Hae Jin)lands a job where his innovative ideas are squashed by a rigid, ‘old school’ type of manager. Completely frustrated, he quits and goes on to success at another company, eventually becoming the chief of the sales and marketing. One day, he gets a new senior-aged intern, who is none other than his stodgy old boss.

A.K.A:Old School Intern
Times:32 Episodes
Release Date:20 May 2020
Production company(s):MBC
Director:Nam Sung Woo
Cast:Park Hae Jin, Kim Eung Soo, Han Ji Eun, Park Ki Woong, Noh Jong Hyun