Love In The Buff – 春嬌與志明

Special Female Force - 辣警霸王花

Description:Former lovers Jimmy and Cherie discover that getting over each other isn’t as easy as they thought in this sequel to the romantic comedy Lovein a Puff. Six months after their whirlwind romance, Jimmy and Cherie are ready to move on. For Jimmy, that means moving to Beijing for a new career opportunity. As Jimmy begins dating pretty flight attendant ShangYou-you, Cherie arrives in Beijing to open a new business and catches the eye of Malaysian Chinese I.T. specialist Sam. But after communicating in a series of texts, Jimmy and Cherie reconnect. Despite feeling that the spark is still there, however, their differences are still as pronounced as ever. As their current significant others begin to sense that something isn’t right, Jimmy and Cherie can’t help but feeling like maybe they were too quick to call it quits, and that perhaps there’s still hope for a future together.
Romance, Comedy
Miriam Yeung, Shawn Yue, Zheng Xu, Mini Yang, Vincent Kuk
Pang Ho Cheung
110 Minutes
29 March 2012