Love Myself or You? (Cantonese) – 喜歡‧一個人

Love Myself or You? (Cantonese) - 喜歡‧一個人 - Episode 01
Miss No Good (Cantonese) - 不良笑花


Description: The once cheerful and happy Du Kai Qi has grown up to be a cold, fierce and isolated person due to her harsh upbringing. Her father is a money asking, alcoholic and abusive person. Even though both of her parents have been separated for many years, her father still harasses and abuses her mother for money. With so many difficulties in her life, it has made her liked to be left alone. Kai Qi works as an assistant chef at “Figaro Cuisine”, a fancy French restaurant owned by her mother’s former employer. At Figaro’s, it brings her pleasant memories of her childhood when both her and her mother had their most delicious meal there. Knowing how happy that meal made her mother feel, it drives her to become an accomplished chef hoping to provide a better life for her and her mother. Already struggling financially, she is forced to take in her young nephew when his father abandons him to get remarried.

Fu Zi Jie has just returned home for the first time after many years living abroad in France. A highly skilled French chef, he has never risen pass an intern position because of a promise he made to his brother. During dinner with his parents, his mother begs him to take a position as an intern for one month at one of his father’s restaurants hoping it will change his mind to stay in Taiwan and takeover his father’s business. Seeing his mother’s persistence he agrees, but ask that his real identity be concealed from the restaurant staff and that he moves out on his own. He arrives at “Figaro Cuisine” and instantly remembers the happy times he had as a child with his nanny and her daughter who became his best friend. He tells the restaurant staff to call him Ah Jie. On his first day at the restaurant he is asked by the executive chef to judge the sous chef promotion test between Kai Qi and her rival Cheng Le Xuan. Not happy with the outcome of the sous chef promotion test, Kai Qi instantly makes enemies with Ah Jie, but also finds out her dish has been sabotaged by the executive chef because she rejected his advances to be his girlfriend earlier….

Language: Cantonese
Country: Taiwan
Release Date: 24 May 2016
Director: Lin Hong Jie
Cast: Puff Guo, Jasper Liu, Lene Lai, Jolin Chien