Drifters – 怒海孤鴻

Sisters Of Pearl - 掌上明珠
The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain - 雪山飛狐

Description: Fung (Frankie Lam) went to find his father’s friend, Ngor (So Hang Suen), in Guangzhou. Unfortunately, he had a fight with Ngor’s son, Hong (Lau Sek Ming) and he left their family. He started his own business. Hong wanted to get rich and thus, courted Lam (Fiona Leung). However, Lam was in love with Fung. Hong was furious. Later, he killed his girlfriend by mistake and put the blame on Fung. Fung was in trouble and fled to Hong Kong with Lam. They lost each other on the way and in the end, Lam managed to get herself an identity card, but Fung became an illegal immigrant. Lam then found her aunt, Bing (Nam Hung), and uncle, Fu (Wu Fung), and lived with them. She kept looking for Fung. Fung, on the other hand, met the rich Po (Gigi Lai). Po was in love with Fung. His brother, Hing (Ng Kai Ming), liked Fung and supported Po. However, Po’s father, Kwan (Chun Wong), was strongly against them. Then, Fung met Lam again, but at the same time, Hong arrived Hong Kong to take revenge and get Lam. What could Fung do? And what would happen to Po?

八十年代,樸實農民洪峰(林文龍飾)到廣州投靠其父生前好友淩淑娥(蘇杏璇飾),卻與娥子凌康(劉錫明飾)產生誤會,峰自知不應寄人籬下,便憑一手廚藝自立。 康好高騖遠,欲追求幹部之女古曉琳(梁藝玲飾),琳卻戀上峰,其後,康竟誤殺前度女友,更嫁禍於峰,令峰身陷絕境。 峰為自救,便偕琳逃亡到香港,但中途失散,因時間之差別,琳取得身份證,峰卻成黑巿居民。琳惟有投靠姑姐古冰(南紅飾)及姑丈符從富(胡楓飾),並四處打探峰之下落。 峰其時邂逅富家女程家寶(黎姿飾),寶即暗戀峰,並得到兄長家興(吳啟明飾)之支持,但為父程大坤(秦煌飾)所反對。 峰終重遇琳,而康亦申請到港,康誓要得到琳,寶亦對峰情根深種。

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 25 Episodes
Release Date: 1991
Cast: Frankie Lam, Fiona Leung, Canti Lau, Gigi Lai, Chun Wong
Genre: TV Series