Different Dreams (English subtitles) – 이몽

Different Dreams (English subtitles) - 이몽 - Episode 01-02
Bad Guys 2 (Cantonese) - 暴瘋刑警2

Description: This is a pre-produced drama.

The story takes place in Kyungsung (South Korea) and Shanghai (China) during the Japanese colonial rule of Korea. Lee Young Jin (Lee Yo Won) is a Korean surgeon who was raised by a Japanese family. She becomes a spy for the Korean government.
Genre: Action, Historical
Stars: Lee Yo Won, Yoo Ji Tae, Im Joo Hwan, Nam Gyu Ri, Lee Hae Young, Lee Young Sook
Director: Yoon Sang Ho
Times: 40 Episodes
Release: 04 May 2019
Production company(s): MBC