Devilish Joy (English subtitles) – 마성의 기쁨

Rosy Lovers (Cantonese) - 難得有情人
The Ghost Detective (English subtitles) - 오늘의 탐정

Description: This drama is about a genius doctor who has “Cinderella Memory Syndrome” and falls in love with a has-been actress.

Gong Ma Sung (Choi Jin Hyuk)is a successor to the Sunwoo company. Life seems to be going well untilhe gets into a car accident while trying to help a woman. Since then, he suffers from memory loss where his memory lasts only a day. Every night before bed, he writes notes about what happened to him that day and the next morning he memorizes everything that happened. Gong Ma Sungthen meets Joo Gi BBeum (Song Ha Yoon), a formerly well known actress, and falls in love.
Comedy, Romance
Choi Jin Hyuk, Song Ha Yoon, Hoya, Lee Joo Yeon, Lee Soo Ji, Kim Min Sang
Kim Ga Ram
16 Episodes
05 September 2018
Production company(s):