No Way For Stumer (Mandarin) – 伪钞者之末路

Mountains And Oceans (Mandarin) - 你是我眼中的山川和海洋
Nine Kilometers Of Love (Mandarin) - 九千米爱情

Description: Branching out from the usual law enforcement themes is a Chinese drama that follows a team of investigators who make equally huge sacrifices in their mission to put a stop to counterfeit money.

Upon discovering ‘superior’ fake bills that cannot be detected by money scanners, police captain Qi Tian leads his subordinates Xiang Bei and Wei Xian Yu in cracking the case. Xiang Bei’s brother-in-law Tang Song who happens to be at the scene is tempted by the potential for unimaginable wealth and gets into the business of producing counterfeits. As the police determine that there is more than one source of counterfeit money, a specialized team is formed to track down every culprit.


24 Episodes
03 September 2019