A Beautiful Life – 不再让你孤单

Break Up Club - 分手說愛你
If You Are The One - 非誠勿擾

Description:A beautiful real-estate agent (Peiru) gets drunk at a karaoke bar and throws up on a principled, lonely cop (Zhendong). Zhendong quickly fallsfor the flirtatious Peiru despite the fact that she’s having a tortuousaffair with a married man. As Peiru gradually abandons her materialistic values and falls in love with the good hearted Zhendong, it becomes apparent that he is suffering from a disease that is robbing him of his mental faculties.

A.K.A:Krasivaya Zhizn
Times:117 mins
Release Date:20 May 2011 (USA)
Production company(s):Media Asia Films
Director:Wai-keung Lau
Cast:Qi Shu, Ye Liu, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Liang Tian, Danying Feng,