Beautiful Gong Shim (Cantonese) – 閣樓的OPPA

Signal (Cantonese) - 解碼追兇
Gentleman's Dignity (Cantonese) - 绅士的品格

Description: 智慧與美貌並重的姊姊,外表平凡但內心善良的妹妹與住在他們屋頂的平民律師及一個高富帥發展出一個多變且無法預測的愛情故事
야수의 미녀 / The Beauty of the Beast @ Beast’s Beauty / Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim / 美女孔心
This drama is about the Love story of two sisters and two men. The oldersister has everything, including a beautiful appearance, and the younger sister only has a warm heart. One of the men lives on a rooftop apartment and the other man comes from a wealthy family.

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Stars: Nam Goong Min, Min Ah, Ohn Joo Wan, Seo Hyo Rim
Director: Baek Soo Chan
Release: 14 May 2016