National Treasure’s Extraordinary Journey (Mandarin) – 國寶奇旅

National Treasure’s Extraordinary Journey (Mandarin) - 國寶奇旅 - Episode 01
The Legend of Hao Lan (Cantonese) - 皓鑭傳

Description: 国宝奇旅 / National Treasure Legendary Journey / Guo Bao Qi Lu / Impossible Mission 2
A story about a group of intellectuals on a mission to protect priceless treasures in order to preserve their national heritage.After the Mukden Incident on September 18, 1931, North China was pushed to a desperate situation. Ren Hong Yi, a Kuomintang military officer, and Zhou Ruo Si who works at the cultural section of the Forbidden City are given the task of safely transporting national treasures further South to ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands. No matter the challenges they face, they hold on to the belief that as long as its cultural roots remain, China will not fall.

《國寶奇旅》根據章劍華的長篇紀實文學《故宮三部曲》之二《承載》改編,講述“九一八”事變之後,日寇加緊文物掠奪和文化侵略,妄圖徹底摧毀中華之精神堡壘。故宮眾人為了保護中華民族的文化瑰寶,決定將文物南遷。鐵血軍人任弘毅與故宮博物院工作人員周若思,作為文物南遷小組的核心人員,共同踏上了危機四伏的驚險旅程 。

42 Episodes
08 February 2019