Heart Surgeons (Cantonese) – 外科醫心

Heart Surgeons (Cantonese) – 外科醫心 - Episode 01
The Lies Within (English subtitles) - 모두의 거짓말

Description: The series revolves around the thoracic surgery department of a hospital.

Park Tae Soo (Go Soo) is a thoracic surgery fellow for four years whose mother is waiting for a heart transplant. Meanwhile, Choi Suk Han (Uhm Ki Joon)is a thoracic surgeon who is renowned for his skills but has not been treated fairly due to his humble medical background from a local university.
Genre: TV Series
Stars: Go Soo, Uhm Ki Joon, Seo Ji Hye, Jung Bo Suk, Nam Kyung Eup, Kim Ye Won
Director: Jo Young Gwang
Production company(s): SBS