Ghetto Justice – 怒火街頭

Gilded Chopsticks - 食為奴
Growing Through Life - 摘星之旅

GhettojusticeposterDescription: Seven years ago, LAW LIK AH or LA LAW (Kevin Cheng) was the legend in the legal industry and can fight a lawsuit without asking morality or by unfair means. Because he was often in a mix of pursuing fame and condemned conscience, LA LAW eventually became psychologically imbalance and vanished in the legal industry. Seven years later, LA LAW makes a comeback and chooses to use law to protect justice as a way to rescue himself, who previously buries his conscience. LA establishes a residential legal consultant center in Sham Siu Po to help the residents fight for injustice.

When LA’s professionalism and morals are inconsistent, he rather careless about fame and fortune and give up on the lawsuit. On the contrary, attorney WONG SI FU (Myolie Wu) engages herself in the high class society for a better life. She has the self-confidence to balance the pursuit of fame, fortune and legal justice. This has always been her goal.

LA and FU encounter through different cases, sometimes they insist on their own respective beliefs, sometimes they are fiercely against each other in court and sometimes they will also collaborate, having mutual admiration. Eventually the two develops a relationship, but because they have different philosophies, their relationship falls apart. LA cannot tolerate FU’s fighting justice for fame and fortunes. In order to pull her back into the right direction, LA does not hesitate to become enemies with her and does not hesitate to sacrifice himself to save her. As a result, they fall into a ‘lovers, but cannot love’ ending.
Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 30 May 2011
Cast: Sam Lee, Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sharon Chan, Joyce Tang, Jazz Lam, Mandy Wong, Eddie Kwan
Genre: Modern Drama, Crime