Master Of Martial Arts – 黃飛鴻系列之鐵膽梁寬

A House Is Not A Home - 家變
Angel's Call - 他來自天堂

Description: Huan (Hacken Lee) was an orphan and was always looked down upon by others. He was always deprived of what he should have and therefore, was determined to fight for his rights. He was then forced to become the follower of Master Huang (Leung Ka Yan). He was upset to see that his Master always gave way to others and refused to respect him. Huang, however, noticed his talent in mastering Kungfu, and tried to lead him onto the right track. Meanwhile, tyrant Kong (Law Lok Lam) wanted to do away with Huang . He asked his right-hand man, Kei (Cheung Kwok Keung) to defeat Huang, but Kei failed the mission. After much struggle, Kei was touched by Huang’s sincerity and became his follower! Huan then started to realize Huang’s teachings. Huan was engaged to Yee (Gigi Foo) before he was born. However, Yee was in love with someone else and regarded Huan as her friend. Huan was upset and he didn’t realize Yee’s friend Ching (Jessica Hester Hsuan) had secretly fell for him…

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 1994
Cast: Hacken Lee, Jessica Suen, Joey Leung, Gigi Fu, Gordon Lam