Chinese Paladin 5 (Cantonese) – 仙劍雲之凡

Chinese Paladin 5 (Cantonese) - 仙劍雲之凡 - Episode 01
Tiger Mom (Cantonese) - 虎媽貓爸

Description: Jiang Yunfan (Elvis Han), the son of a demon lord, becomes entangled in the fight between the human realm and Netherworld when the gate between both realms are threatened. Along the way, he meets Tang Yurou (Guli Nazha), a beautiful but sickly girl that has a mysterious condition and who teaches him about love and sacrifice. He also encounters Long You (Joe Cheng), the second prince of a demon tribe of questionable origins who is searching for his brother as well as Xiao Man (Yang Caiqi), the descendant of Nuwa seeking a stolen artifact. Yun Fan ends up developing friendships and relationships on his journey. However, his father, the demon king is going to be killed by gods and goddesses on earth to release his demon power. Yun Fan thus becomes embroiled in the conflict between good and evil. He has to choose in saving his father or aiding the immortals in killing him permanently.


Language: Cantonese
Country: China
Cast: Elvis Han, Guli Nazha, Joe Cheng, Yang Caiqi, Gina Jin, Geng Le