IRIS 2 – 아이리스 시즌2 (Cantonese)

IRIS 2 - 아이리스 시즌2 (Cantonese) - Episode 01
Heroes In Sui And Tang Dynasties - 隋唐演義

iris-2013The story take place three years after the the death of Hyun Joon in IRIS I. It will reveal mystery surrounding Hyun Joon’s death and Baek San (Kim Young Chul), who has been arrested for being active in the secret organization IRIS. It will also outline the story of mysterious group, who controlled everything through Baek San.

Yoo Gun (Jang Hyuk) will plays the team leader of the NSS and Ji Soo Yeon (Lee Da Hae) plays an Olympic gold medalist shooter who turned into spy sniper. Meanwhile, Yoo Joong Won (Lee Bum Soo) plays a formal spy for North Korea and Choi Min (Oh Yun Soo) will plays the newly appointed deputy director of the NSS. At the same time, Seo Hyun Woo (Yoon Doo Joon) will plays a perfect agent and Yoon Si Hyuk (Lee Joon) will plays the computer genius in NSS’ Command Center. Kim Yeon Hwa (Im Soo Hyang) will plays a killer in IRIS 2.
Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): Taewon Entertainment
Country: Korea
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 13 February 2013
Director: Pyo Min Soo, Kim Tae Hoon
Cast: Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae, Lee Bum Soo, Oh Yun Soo, Yoon Doo Joon, Im Soo Hyang, Lee Joon, Kim Young Chul
Genre: Romance, Action, Thriller, Mystery