Bottled Passion – 我的如意狼君

The War Net - 網戰
Cupid Stupid - 戀愛星求人

Description: MRS. KO, TUNG KWOK HING (Rebecca Chan) adopted an orphan and claimed he was KO YI HO (Raymond Wong), the illegitimate child that her husband KO SIU TONG (Kwok Fung) had been searching for many years. TONG believed HOwas more suitable than his oldest son KO YI TAI (Joel Chan) to be his successor, which later led to discontent. Eventually HO was kicked out of the family, leaving him homeless. Living out alone, HO got a taste ofthe bitterness in life and was determined to return home and take revenge on his adopted family under a different name TUNG BOON SIN. Under his new identity, he vowed to give them a taste of losing their loved ones. Meanwhile, he meets his childhood best friend TSUI SAM (NikiChow) again. The good-hearted SAM just took over the family soy sauce business, but HO did not hesitate to take advantage of his long time friendship with SAM, deceiving her money and heart. HO also plays Ko Family’s two daughters, KO YI KUI (Elaine Yiu) and KO YI NGA (Katy Kung)in unscrupulous ways. HO has his own mechanism and plots, which turns him into the biggest love cheater…

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 21 Episodes
Release Date: 2011
Cast: Niki Chow, Raymond Wong, Elaine Yiu, Joel Chan, Yoyo Chen, Raymond Cho, Claire Yiu, Katy Kung, Ching Hor Wai, Vin Choi, Kwok Fung, Rebecca Chan, Tracy Yip, Jack Wu, Eric Li, Raymond Chiu
Genre: TV Series