Fabulous 30 (Cantonese) – 女人30

Fabulous 30 (Cantonese) - 女人30 - Episode 01
Fabulous Boys (Cantonese) - 原來是美男

Fabulous 30Description: What do women in their 30s want? They don’t want to make compromises in their lives. When they hit bumps in the road on their way to happiness, they want their closest friends beside them. When Wen Qi (Hong Xiao Ling) decides to end her failure of a marriage, she takes her two best friends, Zhi Qin (Albee Huang) and Wan Ting (Li Wei Wei), on a getaway to Macau to help her lick her wounds. There, they run into a trio of handsome men (Darren Qiu, Danson Tang and Chang Han) who may or may not restore their faith in love and romance. “Fabulous 30,” also known as “Love in the House of Dancing Water,” is a 2014 Taiwanese drama series.

Language: Cantonese
Country: Taiwan
Cast: Li Weiwei , Hong Xiao Ling , Xiao Xun ,Qiukai Wei , Danson , Zhang Han
Genre: Idol Drama, Taiwanese Drama, Romance, Comedy, Drama