Metalions S1 – 武獸戰記

Metalions S1 - 武獸戰記 - Episode 01
Secret Jouju S1 (Cantonese) - 魔法俏公主

Description: 武獸戰記 – Metalions S1
While cleaning his house, eight-year-old Elon finds a summoning device and scooter left behind by his brilliant scientist grandfather. While riding the scooter and wearing the summoning device on his wrist he gets into a dangerous situation. Just then, the Archean necklace his grandfather left behind starts lighting up and summons an ancient Infinite Warrior (a Metalion) named Leo. Leo saves Elon from danger, and develops a liking for Elon. The newly reawakened Leo is appalled by the unruliness of humans and is saddened that Earth’s energy had long been depleted. Leo explains to Elon how he’s a Infinite Warrior and used to be his grandfather’s friend. Leo asks Elon to help him find all the remaining Archean Stones to restore the Earth’s energy. Elon designs a stone detector and uses it to begin his journey with Leo. The pair set off in search of the stones scattered around the world.
熱愛冒險的 Elon 在家中大掃除時,找到發明家爺爺的滑板車和神秘召喚器。當 Elon 開心騎著滑板車去玩時遇上意外,一隻神獸突然出現救了他。武獸 Leo 請求 Elon 幫忙尋找神石,好使地球能恢復元氣。Elon 聯同他的一班朋友和 Leo 展開奇妙旅程。

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): ViuTv
Country: Hong Kong